Commission a Portrait: Behind the scenes in progress

The process of a painting being created is pretty exciting. People often ask about my process. I work from photographs, little studies from life (when possible) and an in-person “sitting” in addition on occasion, though not that often as the photos work so very well and all are very happy with my work without a sitting. I do prefer to take my own photographs so I can plan the composition, but very frequently work from client photos as well. The most important thing to me is to interpret my portrait subject in the most positive way—so the end result is pleasing and timeless. I always take into careful consideration all comments and feedback, while staying within the integrity of my work.

I often do studies from life and in this case painted the yellow lilies from life to be sure I’d be ready once I got to the canvas later on. See the little painting in the background of the yellow lilies? In addition it is helpful to have the clothing and “props.” In this case I have the little plane the boy was holding and his attire so I can paint that from life.

The portrait on the easel is in progress and going very smoothly. The commissioned portrait process is fun and very rewarding for special occasion gifts including holiday gifts. Do you have thoughts about Christmas or other special occasions in August? Send me an email:

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