Client Endorsements, Comments & Testimonials: Oil portraits, pastel portraits and landscape commissions

Oh my god. It is the most beautiful work of art. You are gifted. I can’t wait to see it framed. Wow, wow, wow. I am so touched by this work. You have no idea. Forever grateful, M

It’s Lovely.

R. G. (very emotional, tears in eyes, posthumous portrait of father to hang internationally)

The painting has arrived to its forever home at xxx. It is EXQUISITE! You went above and beyond my
expectations of everything I envisioned and wanted in a painting of our daughter. I am so incredibly
grateful to have found you… you are a true talent.  Thank you for painting this special gift. I am truly

Jenny Williamson

Sonia does exquisite work and she is delightful. You will be thrilled with the results she achieves for you.

Eileen Kiley

Sonia painted a wonderful pastel landscape for me that hangs in my living room and is admired
on a daily basis. We worked together closely to bring my memories to her vision and the result
brings me great happiness every day. I sincerely recommend Sonia as a supremely talented artist and
professional who strives to make sure her patrons are more than satisfied with the result!

Helene Harris

Sonia did a fabulous job on an oil portrait of my daughter. We are delighted to have her portrait in
our home. She really captured our daughter’s spirit and does great work.

Abbie Goodman

Sonia exceeded expectations at capturing the warm feeling of a New England home that was ours
for a memorable three years. That picture immediately brings us back to great friends, neighbors,
schools, and community. What an awesome way to remember the best of the past.

Scott Hambuchen

Great work!

Peter Trippi

Thank you SO much, Caroline for making this happen. I agree with Laura, I think M&D
will be absolutely thrilled!
(double benefactor commissioned portrait by adult children/adult oil portrait, portrait commissions)

Good Morning Sonia, Thanks for sending the painting of my mother. I love it ! I tried printing it on photo paper, but my printer needs adjustment to accept the heavy paper. Will keep trying as it will be a focal piece on the wall where I have a xxx memorabilia collection.

 (woman’s oil portrait, portrait commissions)

Dear Sonia  Mailing me a photograph of my mother would be much appreciated. (referring to the painting of his mother)

 (woman’s oil portrait, portrait commissions)

Beautiful. I just want to sit here with it for a while. The painting has a glow and lights up the library.
(woman’s oil portrait, portrait commissions)

We did it! My plan worked…xxx is IN LOVE with his gift… he is speechless, except to explain the importance of this piece of art to xxx that it will become a treasured family heirloom. (child, portrait commissions)

Hi Sonia! I picked up the framed pastel today and I am deliriously happy. It’s really beautiful. I’m not sure it’s in the final location, but it’s up and I’m thrilled to tears.. . . thank you once again!    (pastel, landscape commissions)

The portrait you painted of xxx is one of my most favorite possessions.  (children’s oil portrait, portrait commissions)

I have attached copies of the framed portrait. My wife loves it! Everyone who has been in our house has been amazed with it. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us. (children’s group oil portrait, portrait commissions)

Wowee! It is even more amazing than the photo shows. The colors, the light — the skin tones. (woman’s oil portrait, portrait commissions)

It was a pleasure and I enjoyed the process with you. (men’s oil portrait, portrait commissions)

I knew my wife would cry when she saw the portrait, because it was her. (woman’s oil portrait, portrait commissions)

We love it!!!!!! (children’s pastel portrait, portrait commissions)

Mom is going to be so happy when she sees this! I know she’s going to cry.
(commissioned landscape with figures painting, portrait commissions)

You are a wonder. Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your alchemy.  xoE
(children’s oil portrait, portrait commissions)

I am speechless! Sonia, it is simply lovely! Thank you so much!
(woman’s oil portrait, portrait commissions)

Sonia, this is really wonderful. I am so in awe of your talent.
(men’s oil portrait, portrait commissions)

This painting is very very important to me and I will not let anything stand in the way of it.
(woman’s oil portrait, portrait commissions)

It is impossible to thank you properly, but we will treasure this portrait always.  (children’s oil portrait, portrait commissions)