Commission a Portrait: Selecting clothing for your Adult portrait commission

Commission a Portrait: Selecting Clothing for your Portrait Painting

Portraits from photos give you the chance to review the look of the painting prior to it being started. The artist will show you photos on their laptop for you to select the look you prefer after photographs have been taken. The artist may also request a small block of time to paint you from life, but usually will not require this.

Choosing clothing for a portrait painting can be an enjoyable process with these tips. Keep in mind you should bring 3 outfits if in doubt. In addition the artist can photograph you in more than one outfit if that is helpful to view on her laptop to see what is preferred for the painted image. This has been very helpful for my clients in the past!

Women: Classically styled clothing with simple lines are usually best. It is important when choosing clothing to imagine how the clothing will be viewed in a decade, so you will most likely wish to avoid trendy clothing, V-neck collars can be lovely to frame faces: do consider necklines with the thought of how they will frame your face. Carefully consider how you wear your hair so that is also appears timeless. Several photos can be taken with a few hair options if desired, however and then you can choose your favorite look for the painting.

Men: If you choose a suit, be sure it is conservative, medium to dark in color, classic in style and well fitted. A white shirt and a tie with some color and subdued pattern is best. Wear your hair as you normally do, but get your hair cut about 7 to 10 days in advance of the portrait sitting to avoid the just shorn look. If a more informal look is desired, a button down shirt with a blazer or sweater will give you this look along with comfortable slacks.

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